The Trails formed in 2012, composed of musicians who had found themselves in Nashville due to the musical opportunities the city offers. With members hailing from Indiana, Ohio, New Mexico, and Alabama, the Trails are as eclectic a group musically as their geographical roots would indicate. Each member brings many years of professional experience and a lifetime of musical adventure to this project. The common thread is a sincere wish to make meaningful music from the hearts and souls of the band members, rather than merely using their skills at the service of the music industry.

The Trails are part of the jam band tradition wherein live performance and improvisation are fundamental to the art. But like the finest jam bands, they are much more than that and should not be pigeonholed by that terminology. The range of musical styles that influence and inform the Trails’ sound is truly vast, reflecting the different backgrounds of the musicians as well as their common interest in musical diversity. Yet these varied pathways merge to form a fresh and energetic musical direction.
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